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  • CTV: Are Probiotics Good for You?

    Lianne was on CTV's Canada AM to answer all of your questions about probiotics including why you need to eat or take this powerful weapon in gut health. More Info »

  • The Family Kitchen Videos

    Fish Cakes are a firm favourite of both adults and kids. Simple and fast to make, this could be your dinner tonight! More Info »

  • Sprout Right Book

    The perfect, complete and reliable nutrition reference – this book is a blessing for any expecting woman or new mom. Dr. Natasha Turner ND bestselling author of The Hormone Diet More Info »

  • Private Cooking Classes

    A private class is designed to teach you how to make food for yourself, baby or toddler. More Info »

  • Consultations

    Sit down for a one-on-one session with Lianne and create a personalized nutrition plan that addresses optimum nutrition for pregnancy, the introduction of solids to your new eater and managing your picky toddler! More Info »

  • Meal Plans

    Follow our guide of what to feed for your new eater starting on solids, fast and simple meals for your family on busy weeknights or serve a nutrient packed breakfast and pack the perfect lunch with our range of meal plans. More Info »


Nutrition and health from tummy to toddler and the entire family is what we are all about.


Whether in a one-on-one consultation or a group workshop, you'll get the support you need.


From the Sprout Right book & DVDs to essentials for making and feeding homemade baby and toddler food.

Meal Plans

What to eat, and when, for maximum results. Includes gluten, dairy and sugar-free meal plans.

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How to Ditch Sugar in Your Diet

Nov 17th, 2016 under

Sugar is everywhere. In foods that you wouldn’t expect it to be in. After reading this excellent article in the Toronto Star online, I thought that both you and writer Lori Nickel needed some help in just how to ditch the sugar from your diet. A self proclaimed addict, Lori chose to go cold turkey. […]

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Naturally Boost Your Child’s Health This Season

Nov 3rd, 2016 under

With season’s change comes coughs, sniffles and just plain feeling under the weather. The seasonal food temptations like Halloween candy, pumpkin pies and fruit cakes don’t help our children’s immune systems either.   Whether your child picks up a virus at school or bacteria at soccer practice they bring it home to the rest of […]

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