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“As a mom of a sushi-eating, spice-requesting, lover of anything green three year old, I must say thank you Sprout Right!!

We took Mommy Chef classes right from the start (6 month purees through toddler foods), and they are a huge reason she is such an adventurous, healthy eater.

I also learned a lot about nutrition and health care for her AND me, and had fun while doing something useful. My husband is so happy I've signed up a second time, now we've had twins! Thanks, Lianne…”

Kym, mom of three

“For any new moms or about to be new moms out there, I highly recommend Lianne's book "Sprout Right... Nutrition from Tummy to Toddler".

It has absolutely everything that you need to know.... this will enable you to provide your child with the greatest head start in life!!!

As a new mom, having taken all of Lianne's expert advise, I am so grateful that together we were successful overcoming a lot of obstacles that my son's immune system just couldn't handle! I don't know what I would have done without her!!!”

Donna, mom of two

“I have had 2 private sessions with Lianne and they were both amazing and informative.

I don't think of myself as a cook by any means, but Lianne taught me how to be my baby's favorite chef! The hands on lessons really made it fun and EASY to feel good and proud about what I was feeding my baby. 

The DVDs were easy to follow and were a great compliment to the hands on lessons. I feel completely confident that I gave my baby the best start possible from tummy to toddler - Thanks Lianne!”

Jen Leung, Mother of 1....for now :)

“Lianne has an incredible wealth of knowledge that has helped me through pregnancy, delivery recovery and learning how to prepare and introduce a variety of foods to my children.”

Thanks to her, my kids favorite snack is chick peas!

Sylvia, mom of two

“I absolutely loved your book, 'Sprout Right'.  It was an easy book to read that made me feel comfortable with what I was reading.  I learned a lot about what I should be doing to prepare for getting pregnant.  I also loved the recipes in the book.  I really wish I had found this book when I was pregnant with my little girl.”

Angela, mom of one

“I was confident about feeding my son purees, but was completely lost about how to transition from purees to solids.

I was thrilled when my son was gobbling up Lianne's chunkier recipes, gradually adding more and more texture. I am glad that I took the Mommy Chef Next Stage and Super Chunky courses instead of relying on foods marketed towards babies that are loaded with sugar and sodium.

Lianne has lots of suggestions for alternative snacks that are just as convenient. My husband and I learned about so many healthy foods we'd never heard of and have added them to our own diets! Lianne is a wealth of knowledge in overall health and has tips on everything from teething and fevers to sunscreen and immunization.

I looked forward to class every week and my son enjoyed it too. Family and friends continue to comment on what an amazing and adventurous eater my son is, and it is worth mentioning that he has not been sick once in 13 months. I owe it all to Lianne' s Sprout Right classes and book!”

Valerie, mom of one

“Once you put down your pregnancy test, you should pick up Sprout Right…this is a must read.”

Alyson Schafer, parenting expert and author of Honey, I Wrecked The Kids

“Expectant moms and new parents are bombarded with nutrition information from so many different sources—it’s tough to know whether we’re doing the right thing. Lianne’s voice stands out amid the din for its calm, informed and friendly assurance.”

Sandra E. Martin, Senior Editor, Today’s Parent

“Lianne Phillipson-Webb has written a comprehensive and mom-friendly guide to prenatal, infant, and toddler nutrition. The nutrient-packed recipes will be much appreciated by time-pressed but health-conscious moms.”

Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

“Lianne offers valuable options and resources as well as amazing recipes that any child will enjoy.”

Tracey Ruiz, Sleep Doula, CLD, CPD, CCCE

“The perfect, complete and reliable nutrition reference – this book is a blessing for any expecting woman or new mom.”

Dr. Natasha Turner ND, bestselling author of The Hormone Diet

“How I wish Sprout Right: Nutrition From Tummy to Toddler was around when my three children were babies.  It’s a fantastic resource about nutrition for expecting and new moms – the only book you’ll need in your kitchen.”

Sarah Morgenstern, Publisher and Co-Founder:

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your videos. I have your book and understand your philosophy on eating good food (very similar to mine) and I'm inspired by your diplomatic way of presenting the facts about food. No judgement, just facts which then enable people to make their own decisions and choices. It's something I personally would like to work on for myself when I talk to people about food. Thanks for your inspiration!”

Stephanie F

“I purchased your Sprout Right book with my first child and am still using it for my now 3rd!!! I have also given your book as baby gifts and all my friends love it! I Absolutely love the recipes and found your book so helpful.”

Justine P, Mom of three

“I wanted to thank you for your great nutrition support for my now 8.5 month old. He loves to eat and it's such a joy to watch!”

Erin A, Mom of one

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