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Pre-School and School Age Immune Boosting Prescription

Kids pick up bugs wherever they go. That can mean days off for parents. Keeping kids in school and daycare is good for everyone, but not when they are sick.

The prescription below keeps the immune army at attention, ready to fight off whatever else comes their way. Even if a virus or bacteria gets in, the severity and duration can be significantly lessened. At the start of a sore throat or drippy nose, you’ll be instructed in a follow up email after purchase, what you can do with the products below to kick that bug to the curb. Plus, you'll save 15% when you order these products as a package.


1. Kids Multi Vitamin and Mineral for when they aren't eating enough.
2. Vitamin C Powder that the whole family can take.
3. Immune boosting complex including cough support.
4. Phyto-Gen Immune complex.
5. Chewable probiotic with extra immune support.

You'll also receive dosage and instructions via email when you order.