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Calming Colic E-Book

A pioneering book by renowned Naturopath and Osteopath Christian Bates. After years of treating babies with colic and birth traumas, Dr. Bates has put his knowledge together in a must-have resource for any parent concerned with their baby's colic, sleep issues, constipation and stress. 

If you answer yes to any of these questions then Calming Colic has help for you!

- Does your baby have colic or reflux?

- Does your baby not settle into a deep sleep?

- Do you want more sleep?

- Did you have a traumatic delivery?

- Do you have a "hungry baby"?

- Is your baby constipated?

- Were instruments used i.e. foreceps?

- Did you have a C-section?

- Did you or your baby have antibiotics?

- Are you stressed out?

- Are you struggling with breast feeding?

- Want to know which supplements help calm colic?