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Do Certified Sprout Right instructors need formal training in the health arena? Do I need this training before I become an instructor?

Yes, absolutely. Our certified instructors have already studied nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic with extra nutrition training or have another health related qualification. They are all familiar and have experience with nutrition relating to fertility, pregnancy, moms, babies and toddlers. 

If a prospective instructor is lacking in experience in the area of new families, we offer an internship to learn and understand what’s involved in this niche market. 

The ideal Sprout Right instructor has formal training, experience teaching and experience with clients of any age.  He or she also has lots of energy, a passion for teaching and has a good business sense.

What kind of support is provided to Sprout Right Instructors? 

Email, online and phone support by Sprout Right author and founder, Lianne Phillipson is provided to get you up and running.

Online group support from all Certified Sprout Right Instructors. Many of our instructors have existing businesses and are growing rapidly with their Sprout Right programs. They offer a wealth of knowledge here for you to draw from!

How do I become a Sprout Right Instructor?

To start the application process, you can apply online by clicking here. We'll then review your application, provide you with more information and we will forward you a Sprout Right Instructor Agreement as well as a list of other documents that we need for your application, e.g., your resume, diploma etc. After these documents are collected and reviewed we will be in touch with regarding your application approval status.

Once approved, you’ll join the Certified Sprout Right Instructor program at a date and location that suits you. 

Payment plan options can be discussed to work best with your financial situation. 

How long does a successful application take?

This depends on how quickly you are able to get your application documents to us. Typically, the process takes about a week. 

What is involved in teaching with Sprout Right?

When you are Sprout Right certified you can set up your own class locations and market their classes locally. Sprout Right Head Office is involved in promoting Sprout Right nationally both in Canada and the US.

As well, our Head Office frequently gets requests for classes from community and parenting centres and we pass this information on to local instructors. 

Each Sprout Right Instructor becomes part of our online Sprout Right Instructor discussion group and here we share ideas, promotional plans, research articles, business forms & ideas, marketing templates for brochures, business cards, etc. This group provides ongoing support as well as help in getting started and marketing your Sprout Right classes.

I would like more information on the structure of the this a franchise or licensed business?

Sprout Right Instructors operate independently of Sprout Right Inc. Sprout Right is not a franchise or licensed business. Instructors are certified to teach the Sprout Right programs and use the Sprout Right name and logo according to the Certified Instructor agreement.

Is there an ongoing financial split or sharing of profit?

No. What you make from the courses that you offer is yours. There is no sharing of your bottom line at all. The Certified Instructor tuition is your main financial cost. 

Are there any other fees or ongoing costs?

To maintain your status as a Certified Sprout Right Instructor, there is an annual fee that will be due in one year after you complete the Instructor program. Since Sprout Right is trademarked and copyrighted, one cannot teach or promote the program without a current agreement issued by Sprout Right. 

Your annual certification fee also includes all national marketing campaigns and convention fees offered by Sprout Right.

How much time do you have to put in?

Running your own business take time and effort. However, you can work as little or as much as you'd like. We do have instructors working full-time, part-time and casually with their businesses and the Sprout Right classes are an add on in some cases or their only business offerings. It’s yours to incorporate in a way that works best with your business. 

As with any business, the more you put into getting the word out there about your classes, the more you'll get back. We'll let you know how to getting started, what you'll need to do and where in your community to do it. With Sprout Right, much of the getting started questions have already been answered for you!

What are the guidelines for maintaining the program other than an annual fee?

More information regarding our guidelines can be found in our Sprout Right Instructor Agreement. These will be discussed in first weekend course. As well, each class participant at the end of each class or workshop is asked to complete a class evaluation. This feedback is an important part in maintaining and improving upon the Sprout Right program.