Strength-Building and Recovery

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Strength is not only physical but emotional too. No matter what you are trying to strengthen, it takes energy. In the case of muscle strength, your muscles need fuel to build and heal after a workout.

A favourite addition to my workout is the amino acid L-Glutamine. I have a powder and add it to my water, drink a big glass before I head out for a run in the morning and then, if I’m doing a tougher workout, I have it in my water bottle that I drink throughout. It not only helps to heal, but studies show it also increases your metabolism and can aid in more fat burning. Always a good thing!

After my workout, I try to refuel within 15 minutes. It helps alleviate the sluggishness that I sometimes feel later in the day after a long run or intense workout. I’ve always been a fan of Brendan Brazier’s Thrive book and his recipes for pre- and post-workout. My post-workout shake, taken from his book is:

Post-Exercise Refuelling Drink
2 cups water
1/2 cup frozen mango
2 dates
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1 tsp hemp oil
1 tbsp honey

Blend and drink half after your workout.

You can drink a protein smoothie after, as long as you have some carbohydrates mixed in, like a banana or more mango. It’s great to have a balance of both protein and carbohydrates, so salmon with brown rice and vegetables within a couple of hours, or Greek yogurt with granola and berries if it’s a morning workout.

Strength does come from within, and also within your cells. Nourish them and you’ll be amazed at your performance, strength and stamina.

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