What’s a safe and clean formula milk for your baby?

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This is not a headline that any new parent wants to read:

“80% of infant formula contains arsenic, study finds”.

With byline of:

One third of baby food products tested also contained lead”.

It’s enough to read if your baby is drinking formula milk that it likely contains arsenic, but then all the other baby products too. And lead? Sheesh. There have been concerns of arsenic in baby formula in the past, and all baby products containing rice, but not lead. Products that you’d think safe and trustworthy seem to have fallen to the low end of the safe list according to this article. That makes shopping for healthy products for your baby that much more difficult. If there’s something positive to come out of this, it might be that you go back to the kitchen to make your own food.

Choosing a formula milk and finding one that works for your baby can be a difficult task. When parents reach out to me after reading the formula feeding chapter in my book, I’m always asked about my preference or which one I recommend. I do have a couple of favourites, yes. I also know that what works for one baby, may not work for another. I do suggest organic, that’s a no-brainer. Lessening toxins going into the animal and then ending up in anything that we eat is a good thing, in my opinion.

When I wrote my book, I had a long interview with the owner of Baby’s Own Organic. He shared with me some very interesting information that opened my eyes further to the production and sale of all formula. I was most amazed by how many brands were from the same manufacturer and various companies put their own label on them. Brands that stood out were Similac, which doesn’t contain palm olein oil (which can cause constipation) and is made by their own manufacturer, and Kirkland, Costco’s own brand which was made for them and not for any other company. Back then, the PC Organic formula and My Organic Baby ($10 more expensive), were exactly the same product. As was Walmart’s and Shopper’s Drug Mart’s own label. If I were a parent buying those products, I’d feel pretty duped. Thinking that I’m buying a superior brand when they’re all the same is misleading. When I researched all of the formulas for the formula chapter in my book, I started to see the same ingredients, nutrients and fats in many, so I knew that there were more that were the same. I’m about to embark on updating Sprout Right, so I will once again research the newer formulas both in Canada and the US.

I’ve always preferred the goat’s milk formula option as it has worked so well for babies who are sensitive or have skin rashes, digestive issues like diarrhea, constipation, blood in their poo or diaper or even gassiness and frequent infections. For years I’ve recommended Nanny Care Goat Milk Formula from New Zealand. More recently, the Holle brand from Germany has become another favourite. Both are more pricey options. There’s another brand mentioned mentioned in my book as a safe one that’s cheaper, however I’m not so keen on the ingredients.

The top of the safe list included a formula milk that I wrote about in my book, and my recommendation still stands. Baby’s Only Organic by Nature’s One is one to feel good about. It’s organic and is sweetened with brown rice syrup, a lower glycemic index (slower releasing) sweetener that’s preferable to sucrose, glucose or corn syrup. I learned about the thought and reasons why it contains what it does and it’s one that many, many of my clients’ babies have thrived on.

Interested in trying it? Here are your options:

You can purchase it with the DHA/ARA added. I prefer that you give either Super Neurogen DHA or Cod Liver Oil as the oil in the formula milk can go rancid.

Always give a probiotic. This HMF Baby F is specifically for formula fed babies.

3 Responses to “What’s a safe and clean formula milk for your baby?”

  1. Anita Melo says:

    Thank you so much for these advice and education. I’m having my second child and really want the best option and to change formulas for my first child. One question? Why does it say toddler at the top of the baby’s only organic formula, with the links above. You said it’s for babies but says toddler at the top. Thank you so much for helping me and the peace of mind. I’m going to purchase your book.

    Sincerely Anita Melo

  2. SproutRight says:

    Hi Anita, great question. Nature’s One as a company wants to encourage breastfeeding so as apart of their marketing mandate, they say that their products are for toddlers instead of encouraging you to use a formula from birth. It’s just how they decided to market their formula. It is safe for newborns and older. Feel free to reach out to their nutritionist if you’d like. She’s very helpful and knowledgeable.

  3. Anita Melo says:

    Thank you so much. Your blog and website has helped my family and I so much. Such great information. Thank you again.

    Sincerely, Anita Melo

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