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I’m not talking about my local bar or drinking hangout as I would be if I was still in England. My local is the place where I buy my food. Produce in particular. The Sweet Potato has been my local since it first opened on Dundas St W in The Junction. I bought produce from the owner, Digs, way before that for my Mommy Chef cooking classes, when he started The High Park Market about two years before that.

This new store is 10,000 sq ft, growing from the 3300 sq ft location on Dundas. Products on shelves have grown by 40% and the on-site kitchen is going to be offering a massive variety of prepped, organic, healthy options for busy people and families.

There will be about 30 soups, both vegan and vegetarian options, sandwiches, quiches, pizza including offerings topped with kale, dips and spreads, pies, pastas and homemade sauces, and what I’m most excited about–curries! In their bakery case, there will be five varieties of cookies, sticky toffee pudding, cheese sticks, loaves, cakes and more.

Along with an impressive fish and meat counter, you’ll be able to dash in and grab a naturally raised without hormones or antibiotics, rotisserie chicken.

I was impressed to see their commitment to waste removal and they have an Orca system in place. With all the food that they will be preparing, the waste will fill just one green bin a week. The Orca system is like a new and much improved massive garburator.

The new location at 108 Vine Ave officially opens on Thursday September 20th and there will be some fun festivities happening on Sunday.

Shopping local has just been taken to the next level!

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