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If you’ve ever listened to NewsTalk1010 radio with Jerry Agar and I on a Friday, you’ll know that we don’t see eye to eye about food. He’s of the opinion that I eat berries and twigs all day long while he enjoys his burgers and pizza. His waistline is starting to show his eating habits.

We’ve been talking about food together when we first met on SunNews over two years ago. For whatever reason, we seemed to talk mostly about burgers. All the stories that his producer sent me were about fast food chains and burgers. I remember once asking to talk any other topic! The burger theme was so strong that during the last show, Jerry had someone go out and buy a South Street burger and brought it to me on air. A burger and all the fixings on live TV. I turned it down. He was shocked. I was shocked that he thought I’d eat it! The following week, after the Sun Network closed its doors, I took him a veggie burger from Fresh on live radio. Yes, radio. Listeners didn’t get to appreciate his screwed up face as he tried it. His producer at the time, Jason, loved it and ate the whole thing!

Since then, he has started eating more veggies and I’ve started eating the odd grass-fed beef burger. Mostly homemade or from my favourite butcher, St. Jamestown Steak and Chops.  It just shows, things can really change.

On our last show together before Christmas, Jerry said that he was ready to make a change to his diet. I was thrilled to hear him say that. It’s been a long time coming! I worry about his health and this is a necessary chang in my opinion.

Here are some of the things I will ask him to do:

  • Avoid sugar. This is the fastest way that I know to impact just about everything in the body. First, it gives the pancreas a break from constantly producing insulin to deal with sugar highs and then the adrenal glands pumping out adrenaline as one crashes. Abdominal fat is a sure sign of this second scenario, so we are two for two here. Sugar is found in over 60% of packaged foods, so avoiding eliminates packaged and fast food from the diet.
  • Drink 2L of water every day. A hydrated body is one that functions well. Drinking before a meal can lead to eating less, so it’s a no-brainer for him. That doesn’t include coffee. He has already ditched the diet coke, so we don’t have to deal with that.
  • Increase fruits and vegetables to eight servings a day. I’d prefer ten a day, however knowing what he eats now, jumping to eight is challenging enough.
  • No eating after 8 pm. Those baseball or hockey games are tough to watch without a snack-in-lap. Water or herb tea is the only thing allowed. A night out or event can be addressed depending on how often something is going on, everyone needs a bit of fun now and again!
  • Eat within an hour of waking and then every three hours after that. He’s up early. That has the potential for a longer day of eating so he’s got to choose well. Little and often is the way to go for balanced energy and appetite. If you hear him chewing on air, just ignore him!

Sample meal ideas and suggestions:

  • Breakfast: smoothie, hard boiled egg and piece of fruit, oatmeal, or french toast.
  • Snack: hummus and carrots, hard boiled egg and celery (if no egg for breakfast), almond butter and apple or banana, handful of homemade trail mix, cottage cheese and fruit, oatcakes or Mary’s crackers and goat’s cheese dip, smoothie with protein powder.
  • Lunch: large salad with protein; chicken, fish, egg, burger patty (no bun), chickpeas or other beans,
    Snack: any of the above.
  • Dinner: two or three veggies with protein. Avoid carbs like pasta, pizza or white rice

Stay tuned for Jerry’s meal plan, coming soon!

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