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Have you ever been camping and lived off hot dogs, burgers and canned food? I have in the past. It wasn’t much of a food extravaganza. And really, rough camping with blow-up mattresses that lose their air halfway through the night isn’t my thing. I like a bed to sleep in! This past weekend, a great friend and I headed east to Rice Lake to a “glamping” spot and stayed in a vintage camper. It was a gorgeous spot, with a stream right next to our grassy area, a pergola that kept us dry as it rained part of the weekend, a barbecue, propane stove and just about every kitchen item we needed. This is my kinda camping!

I thought I’d share some of our meals and snacks for some healthy inspiration for your upcoming trip or home stay. If we can do this out in nature, you certainly can too at home.

Our first morning’s breakfast was smashed avocado and hard boiled eggs on sprouted buns. Lots of fresh pepper is the key with this one!

For our pre-dinner snack, we got out some cheese and crackers…

And I sliced up these heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella and drizzled them with balsamic, herby olive oil (that was pre-made) and fresh basil leaves.

Coconut curry mussels or moules are a firm summer favourite dish to make. Anytime, anywhere. I mixed up the two parts of the sauce beforehand and then cooked the mussels on the barbecue. They were outstanding. We served them with blanched green beans (pre-prepared) and soaked up the sauce with fresh bread (yes, I eat bread on occasion and this was definitely an occasion that calls for bread!).

We soaked and then barbecued corn on our second night, and cut some off the cob to top our smoked trout and purple cabbage tacos.

On our last morning, out came the grass-fed Greek yogurt topped with fresh local peaches and blueberries, along with a nice cuppa, as it was cool and drizzly. Breakfast was served by our campfire.

We ate well, slept well and really had a restful and nourishing long weekend. I know that our kids weren’t with us, so that brings another level of peace and menu possibilities. I still would have served the same food to them even if they had been with us though!

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