Amp Up Your Plants 2017 Challenge

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Happy New Year!


Well, it’s the New Year. Again.

Where did 2016 go? I think I just blinked and there it went.

If you’re like most, you’re feeling motivated to do something different: change your mindset or habits, take up something new that you think will help you feel better. I feel motivated after a busy December and then a few chill out days after all the festivities. I am ready to get back on track with a bunch of things. One of them is of course, is food. After the overindulgences of the holiday season, I remember how crappy one can feel eating and drinking too much, just how addictive sugar is, how bloated I feel when I eat wheat, while neglecting fruits and vegetables.

2017 is your year to get back on track!


Let’s make 2017 your year to make positive changes that stick. No flash in the pan or “resolution” that’s there for the first week and that’s it. That is why we aren’t starting this challenge on January 1st! Starting on Jan 15th gives you time to ease out of the holiday habits.

Who doesn’t love a challenge?!

We at Sprout Right challenge you to eat more of the good stuff and less of the bad. Not so hard, right? To be clear about what’s good, it’s simple. Start with piles, heaps and handfuls of fruits and vegetables in every colour of the rainbow.

Did you know it’s recommended that we eat 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day?


From what I’ve seen over the holidays, there may be one to three going in–and one of those is a white potato.

Not. Good. Enough.

You can do better.

Your family can do better.

Amp Up Your Plants: 10 a Day Challenge to Start 2017 Right!


This is a WHOLE family challenge: each one of you is challenged to eat 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Now don’t freak out. We are going to guide you through this each and every step of the way. This is a 21-day challenge with new information and support, along with recipes, each day (sent via email). And because everything is easier with a community, we are also inviting all challenge participants to a private Facebook group. This will create accountability and give you a few virtual shoulders to lean on.

You know you want to, and don’t be scared of failing. Even if you eat one more serving a day, you’ve won. It’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain, including new ways to enjoy fruits, vegetables and all that extra energy you’ll have.

Join us for three weeks, yes it takes 21 days to create new habits, and you’ll have a fantastic kick start to 2017 that’ll last way beyond what you thought.


Join us by clicking here. No one ever said that they were sorry for eating better!


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