21 Days to Balance – Day 1

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This 21 day program is for YOU! The habits that you create over the next 21 days will stay with you for the rest of the year. Each tip won’t take long, but will help you find balance.


Start your day off by balancing your breakfast with protein. Include eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt or make oatmeal with both oats and quinoa flakes. Watch a clip from Canada AM for ideas.


It’s 2013 – We made it!!! Seeing as the world didn’t end, take this opportunity to make 2013 THE year for change. It all stars here. Create a realistic goal for yourself.


Let go. For a fresh start, let go of old habits and thoughts as you embark on the 21 days to balance.
Mini meditation on letting go.


Eat tips are courtesy of Lianne, nutritionist and owner of Sprout Right . Strengthen tips are from Samantha, Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist from Core Expectations and Balance tips are shared by Annabel, yoga and meditation expert from Annabel Fitzsimmons Whole Living. Follow them on twitter @SproutRight, @CoreExpectation and @MeditatingMummy.

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