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Sprout Right helps women with pre-conception, pregnancy, and post-natal care right through to the introduction of solid foods for their babies and toddlers.

Good food and good health go hand in hand. Not everyone understands what good food is, why it matters and how it impacts your life. This is what Sprout Right is passionate about. We support new parents or parents-to-be in making the healthiest food choices easy for you and your family. We offer workshops, Mommy Chef cooking classes, one-on-one consultations, private cooking classes, two Mommy Chef DVDs (perfect if you can’t get to a course or need a refresher) and our great new book, Sprout Right.

Getting in touch with Sprout Right will help smooth the learning curve by:

  • Simplifying the chaos of vast nutritional information and conflicting advice that you are bombarded with every day.
  • Understanding why specific nutritional practices are beneficial to you and your child/children.
  • Creating confidence in your ability to choose better nutrition by teaching you the tools that you need.
  • Empower you to make sound nutritional choices for every member of your family.

We believe that starting your baby on food is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with food. Starting with organic, homemade baby food prepares young children’s pallets prepares young children's palates for better food choices later on, creates good eating habits and a healthy relationship with food from an early age, alleviates the effort required to change a child’s diet later in life and helps prevent disease and illness. That sounds like every parents dream doesn’t it? It can be your reality with our support.

Sprout Right offers personalized one-on-one consultations to address mom’s concerns for her or baby's individual nutritional needs. A nutrition program questionnaire starts the process and really helps us uncover the underlying cause for concern rather than just treating a symptom. We’ll then provide an explanation of what may be causing a concern and an action plan will then discussed and documented. This consultation also includes meal suggestions and planning. Continued support is offered by e-mail or phone until the next appointment.

If being in a group is more your style, Sprout Right workshops cover topics like Super Powered Breast Milk, Introducing your Baby Solids, Making Homemade Baby Food and What to do After Puree. These are interactive workshops and a great way to learn about nutrition as well as a chance to meet other women facing the same challenges as you.

Put your chef’s hat on and join our Mommy Chef series of cooking classes, or learn about the Back to Basics Family Meals with meal planning and new recipe ideas.

Here are some of the ways we're commited to saving the planet for generations to come:

  • Buying only organic food. We are passionate about organic. Not only is it important for our bodies, and more so for our babies, but it puts our money into a method of farming that is sustainable for the planet and less chemically ridden for all. It is also a way to support farming for the future.
  • Using natural and recycled products. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products, from dishwashing to laundry to floor soap and everything in between. We also use recycled paper products - printing paper, toilet paper and paper towel. We try very hard to minimize the use of virgin trees for our paper products (which is what is in all new paper products and contributes to the reason we are losing our forests).
  • We recycle and compost. There is a lot of organic waste after all the peeling that is done in our Mommy Chef classes! We compost everything in our own composter and recycle all our boxes, cans, papers and glass. We no longer buy bottled water for our clients, and offer filtered water in glasses. Too much plastic!
  • Offer reusable bags and minimize the use of plastic bags. There is too much plastic waste in the world. We also try not to use plastic bags in our garbage cans. We just transfer the waste into the composter, blue bin or outdoor garbage can. It really saves on plastic use.
  • Encouraging others to make a difference. In all our classes and workshops we offer information and solutions to moms of how to keep their babies safe from harmful chemicals, such as buying organic foods, clothes, and even baby products like bottles. The products that we buy and therefore support make a difference. Not buying a brand of bottle that has Biosphenol A in it for instance makes a stand that it's not ok to put chemicals in our baby's bottles. Sun creams are another hot topic for chemically laden products on the market. They are not good for our bodies or for the environment during production. There is a lot we can do to become informed to make the right choices in what we do and buy.

We will continue to do our part in saving our planet from the effects of modern life. If that means remembering to turn off the lights, or unplug the cell phone charger when it's not in use, then that's what we will do. It's our responsibility to stay informed and make a difference.