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Tips for Toddlers

Top Tips for a Healthy Toddler

  • Include a wide variety of colourful fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Give different grains other than wheat. For example rice, quinoa, buckwheat, oats, kamut, barley, spelt and amaranth.
  • Try to hide foods that are difficult to get them to eat like fish in homemade fish cakes covered in breadcrumbs.
  • Always dilute fruit juice with water.
  • Make you own popsicles with their favourite diluted fruit juice.
  • Give unsulphured dried fruit as sweet snacks.

Strategies for Healthy Eating

  • Get one good meal into your toddler every day.
  • Encourage snacking every couple of hours. They need about 40kcals per inch of height. They burn calories quickly and need a constant supply of energy.
  • Try to make meals and snacks varied. Different textures of foods and colours of fruits and vegetables.
  • Invent and re-invent!
  • Look at what they had the whole day or week for a better idea of their food intake.

Important Nutrients

  • Essential fatty acids (EFA's) Omega 3 and 6
  • Good bacteria – Acidophilus
  • B vitamins, Vitamin C and the mineral zinc

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