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We've got what you need to get and stay healthy! Our online store offers supplements, resources - including books and meal plans - as well as the most innovative baby food essentials. Be sure to check in with us for a consultation and let us help you use these tools the best way.

Have a look at each option and let us know if you need help choosing the right one for you.


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Nutrition from Tummy to Toddler

We want all the babies and children to grow up in a world with as much health, wealth, and happiness as possible. The way the world is heading at the moment, the experts are saying that our wishes for our children may not be possible. So if you are not already an environmentalist, then jump on the bandwagon and take a ride. It will only benefit every person on the planet!

In Sprout Right, registered nutrition consultant Lianne Phillipson-Webb clearly explains simple nutritional steps to influence the health of your baby from conception to birth, what a breastfeeding mom should be eating to fortify nature's perfect food, what to look for in a formula, and everything you need to know about starting your baby on solids with ease and confidence.

Phillipson-Webb also explains how the Sprout Right approach allows baby's digestive system to mature, hopefully lessening the potential for allergies and reactions, and then progress to family food in the toddler years. Packed with essential nutritional information, the book includes:

  • Expert nutrition advice for toddler's healthy eating
  • Breast and formula feeding with confidence
  • Key vitamins and supplements for baby's super-heatlhy growth
  • Over 75 simple and delicious recipes tailored to each age group
    • six to nine months—smooth purees
    • nine to twelve months—chunkier meals and finger foods
    • twelve months and beyond—the start of family meals
  • Advice on how to avoid or cope with common food sensitivities and allergies
  • Practical suggestions for dealing with teething, fussiness, colic, eczema, spitting up, consiptation, and more

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What the experts had to say

“Once you put down your pregnancy test, you should pick up Sprout Right…this is a must read.”

Alyson Schafer, parenting expert and author of Honey, I Wrecked The Kids and Ain't Misbehivin'

“Expectant moms and new parents are bombarded with nutrition information from so many different sources—it's tough to know whether we're doing the right thing. Lianne's voice stands out amid the din for its calm, informed and friendly assurance.”

Sandra E. Martin, Senior Editor, Today's Parent

“Lianne Phillipson-Webb has written a comprehensive and mom-friendly guide to prenatal, infant, and toddler nutrition. The nutrient-packed recipes will be much appreciated by time-pressed but health-conscious moms.”

Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

“Lianne offers valuable options and resources as well as amazing recipes that any child will enjoy.”

Tracey Ruiz, Sleep Doula, CLD, CPD, CCCE

“The perfect, complete and reliable nutrition reference – this book is a blessing for any expecting woman or new mom.”

Dr. Natasha Turner ND, bestselling author of The Hormone Diet

“How I wish Sprout Right: Nutrition From Tummy to Toddler was around when my three children were babies. It's a fantastic resource about nutrition for expecting and new moms – the only book you'll need in your kitchen.”

Sarah Morgenstern, Publisher and Co-Founder:


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Our New Mom Package

Give the gift of knowledge and ease with this new mom package from Sprout Right. 

This package includes everything a mom needs for feeding herself and her baby the right way. It makes a great Holiday present or shower gift:

- Sprout Right Nutrition from Tummy to Toddler book

- The Wean Machine

- Mommy Chef DVDs: First Foods and The Next Stage 


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Flawless Family Meals E-Book

This is a comprehensive e-book filled with information to help you make quick and healthy meals for your family. Become a pro in the kitchen with advice on,

  • Keeping a well stocked pantry
  • What tools to use for cooking success
  • How to buy, and prepare, the best cuts of meat
  • How to cook beans and legumes
  • Making your own stock
  • Decoding grocery terms like free-range and organic.

In addition to helpful information aimed at making you the healthiest chef, you will recive more than 30 recipes for fast and freezer-friendly family meals. Make a month's worth of easy dinners.



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Feeding Yourself Right to Feed Baby: A Complete Holistic Guide to Breastfeeding Nutrition

Nutrition during breastfeeding can be a very confusing time. As a breastfeeding mother, you are already providing your baby with the best nourishment for their growth and health - your milk.

You might have questions however, about:

*What foods and drinks are best for you?

*How much extra calories do you need?

*What foods should you avoid, if at all?

*What are galactagogues?

*Will you produce enough milk?

*Can you diet while breastfeeding?

Feeding Yourself Right to Feed Baby: A Complete Holistic Guide to Breastfeeding Nutrition will cover all of that plus what to do if you suspect your baby to have a food allergy or intolerance, if you are a vegan breastfeeding mother, and which herbs to avoid.

Our ebook will help you understand the basics of breastfeeding as well as leave you confident about your nutrition choices. With almost 50 recipes, a 7-day meal plan and a Facebook support group, Feeding Yourself Right to Feed Baby is a good investment for those who are considering breastfeeding or who have just started their breastfeeding journey. Nutritionist Kimberly Ignas, CNP NNCP & Sprout Right Instructor and Chantal Jura have come up with this complete holistic guide to help you figure out exactly what every breastfeeding mother needs during those trying postpartum times to replenish, nourish and refuel her body and provide her and her little one with the best nutrition possible.


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Calming Colic

A pioneering book by renowned Naturopath and Osteopath Christian Bates. After years of treating babies with colic and birth traumas, Dr. Bates has put his knowledge together in a must-have resource for any parent concerned with their baby's colic, sleep issues, constipation and stress. 

If you answer yes to any of these questions then Calming Colic has help for you!

- Does your baby have colic or reflux?

- Does your baby not settle into a deep sleep?

- Do you want more sleep?

- Did you have a traumatic delivery?

- Do you have a "hungry baby"?

- Is your baby constipated?

- Were instruments used i.e. foreceps?

- Did you have a C-section?

- Did you or your baby have antibiotics?

- Are you stressed out?

- Are you struggling with breast feeding?

- Want to know which supplements help calm colic?