Post-Natal Care

The Needs of Mom

Perhaps a bit tired and overwhelmed? Unsure about what is best to eat to keep yourself going? Sprout Right addresses the new challenges and needs of your body after having your baby.

We teach you what a new mom needs; vitamins, minerals and supplements that she should be eating or taking and what the best sources are, and water. We also help answer all of the questions about what you should, and should not be, eating to make nutrient packed breast milk, how to find good food on the run and how to prepare quick meals. This is where Sprout Right's invaluable services give important support to your new family.

The Baby Blues

Post-natal depression or “the baby blues” is an issue that can be supported by good nutrition and properly balancing vitamin or mineral deficiencies. This is not a time to go it alone. Sprout Right's knowledge and support can help to lift your dark cloud and get you back to a more balanced way of being.

Need Good Information and Good Company?

Sprout Right's series of workshops come to the rescue! Attending or organizing a workshop is a great way to learn everything you need to know, from making nutrient packed breast milk to managing weight and boosting energy. As well as great information, you will meet others in the same situation as yourself, and gain more confidence by hearing the experiences of others and maybe even make new friends!

Your Specific Needs

If you have specific symptoms or issues that need addressing, one-on-one counseling is what you need. We get specific about what you and your baby need and get to the cause of your concerns. By developing an action plan of how and what to change in your diet or lifestyle, and what supplements or exercise might be helpful, every aspect of your health is covered. Meal plan suggestions, new food ideas and recipes all help to make life a little easier and leave you with more time to rest or be with your baby.

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