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Family Nutrition & Meal Plans

The family is growing up and it's time for everyone to eat the same meal. But what should that meal look like? Do mom and dad need to improve their diets to keep up with what your toddler or pre-schooler needs?

Family Meals Made Easy

Whether mom and dad are out at work all day or not, meal planning is essential. Avoiding that five o'clock dreaded feeling of what you’re going to feed the family for dinner? And then you rush home and somehow you pull off something that makes it to the table but you're not happy with what you're serving.

Our Back to Basics of Family Meals cooking class is what you need. Get organized with a pantry full of healthy staples that can be whipped up into many nutritious meals. Try our tried-and-tested recipes for making for make fresh meals, or freezer meals that are made ahead and easy to grab when everyone's going in different directions.

Meal Planning for the Family

Stuck in a rut? Not sure if what you are serving is healthy enough for your children's growing bodies? Do you wonder if you or someone in the family is reacting to a food that you eat on a daily basis but not sure what to do about it? Want to increase your energy and balance your weight?

Sprout Right's Kick Start Healthy Eating Meal Plan will get you whipped into shape in no time. An outline of regular meals and snacks that the whole family will enjoy, recipes and an agenda of what to make the night before, along with a shopping list, helps you take the guess work and frustration out of what to eat for seven days and beyond.

Some families who have followed the meal plan had this to say...

"Just wanted to tell you how much my husband and I are enjoying the plan. I thought he would be a cynic, but he is all over it and kept asking all week when the next plan was coming out. I have lost about 4 or 5 lbs total and I think my husband is down about 3 or 4. More than that, we're both feeling great and have a lot more energy etc. The first couple of days without caffeine were brutal and there has definitely been a meal here or there where we have improvised as we're out of the house or "treating" ourselves, but we have no problem getting back to the plan the next meal as it's so good. Looking forward to next week already, the shepherds pie and stuffed french toast sound awesome!"

Les, Toronto.

"…today is the first day that I haven't craved by usual daily muffin, cheese, and cookies... I'm feeling full and satisfied after every meal and snack! I feel great!!"

Cara, Toronto.

"Just wanted to say that we are loving all the food... my husband has been waking up a bit earlier and staying home a bit later in the morning to join breakfast with Amy and I :) This week has not only been good for our bodies, but our family has been coming together at the table more often, and for more healthy meals!"

Lauren, Toronto

"I'm really loving all the food and finding that I'm far less hungry as the days go by. I'm also realizing how little attention I was giving to what I was eating before. My kids always got the healthy stuff and I'd just grab whatever I could."

Stephanie, Toronto.

And then after you've mastered the first meal plan for a week or two, you can move onto the Healthy Eating Meal Plan with new recipes, snacks and meals for the family to maintain great healthy eating habits along with great nutrition.

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