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What do you think of when you read that title? Sitting in a room with specific sounds all around you or actually playing an instrument by yourself or in a setting that’s therapeutic.

This is what I call and use for Sound Therapy. These are my tuning forks – both aluminum and steel forks.





I was introduced to Sound Therapy by a British Osteopath at a conference in 2013 and have since incorporated it into my nutrition consultations over the past years. I think I was a bit worried about what my clients would think as it’s quite different to the usual nutrition consultation. Although I can hear when there’s unbalance (call it a trained ear combined with intuition), my clients often can’t. So they put their trust in me to do what I do and wait to see how they feel and what the results are of their session, supplement and remedy testing and now food sensitivity testing.

Sound therapy is based on the belief that we are all made up of different energy frequencies. That’s the feeling or ‘vibe’ that you get from someone. I use my tuning forks to interact with these frequencies, encouraging rebalance the body’s energy wherever it’s needed. So far it has had some pretty incredible results. Most comments from clients after their treatment include feeling more balanced, energetic, mentally clear, calm and grounded or rooted. Pain sometimes goes away, headaches clear, skin calms, and constipation is something that really responds well, especially in babies and children. I don’t always know what’s being balanced or what needs to be balanced, just that the body works in harmony with itself when it is balanced. Healing can take place of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual scars. Some clients can verbalize and others not. It’s a simple, safe and very effective way to treat anything at all.

During a session, I balance any area that’s not, with the set of steel tuning forks (shiny slim ones) and sometimes the set of two small aluminum ones. Once the sound has my client in balance, then I go through test kits of supplements, probiotics, herbal and homeopathic combinations from both Seroyal and Physica Energetics, and anything that’s brought from home. I check, double check and sometimes go through the possible remedies five times until I hear a beautiful clear sound that means that what has tested will keep my client in balance. That’s the purpose of testing the supplements and remedies. To ensure that they don’t take you out of balance. One probiotic might, whereas another won’t.

Sound therapy continues to fascinate me and seeing the positive results with clients, no matter what the age, will keep me going for a while! As I launch some new packages to help support clients over a period of time, sound therapy will be a part of my in-person sessions or carried out remotely.

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