Pre and Postoperative Nutrition for Speedy Healing – Part One

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Surgery in any form is invasive and comes with risks. Whether it’s an elective surgery or emergency situation, what’s done before–if possible, and after can make a huge difference to how you feel and heal.

Two weeks ago, my partner had knee replacement surgery. He’s young to have it done, so is aware of doing everything right so that his replacement lasts as long as possible as they typically have a life of about 15 years. He’s going to live longer than 15 years!

He was a very willing patient with an openness to what I had planned and had researched to support his body to a speedy recovery.




Eating as cleanly as possible is ideal, however, the stress of surgery and fear of the unknown makes it tricky to focus on salads, fish and fruits and veggies only. So do what you can here.

Supplements before can include:

  • High dose of vitamin C (stop taking 3 days before surgery)
  • Magnesium
  • Collagen (I used Great Lakes  in coffee or smoothie)
  • Homeopathic remedy arnica

Post surgery – in the hospital

Right after surgery, even in recovery, I gave him some more arnica and other homeopathic to help to start to clear the anesthetic from his body.

I had a smoothie ready for him to drink as soon as he could eat something, as he couldn’t eat from midnight the night before and he was starving! That had berries, banana, spinach, almond milk, protein powder in it. I always add hemp and chia seeds too.

Next up was homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade bone broth, celery, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger and miso in it. Gluten free noodles too. Bone broth is incredibly nourishing, healing and aids in healing joints and bones.

Although he didn’t want to eat until much later, he had a salad with spinach, baby kale, carrots, peppers, hemp seeds, peas, boiled egg and my curry quinoa salad with extra turmeric. The salad dressing was made with apple cider vinegar, flax oil, olive oil, grated ginger and turmeric and raw honey. It was packed with alkalizing ingredients and easy to digest protein for all the repair his body had to do.

Because he was on prophylactic antibiotics, I gave him a heavy dose of probiotics and another round of homeopathic remedies including Physica’s Pre and Post Milieu drops (email us here to order), magnesium, vitamin C and a drainage remedy (Physica’s Drainage Milieu) to keep clearing the anesthetic and pain meds from his system.

Over the next two days, he drank kombucha, had more soup, salads, and smoothies. Some hummus and Mary’s crackers for something different and loads and loads of water.

Next week – once home, his round the clock care, remedies, drinks and more.

3 Responses to “Pre and Postoperative Nutrition for Speedy Healing – Part One”

  1. Erin says:

    Focus on the green food can improve nutrition status and helps with the recovery process. Thanks for sharing your story and the insights on what to eat after surgery, I believe your husband is having a speedy recovery after you put in so much effort and care.

  2. SproutRight says:

    Exactly right, Erin! Those greens are powerhouses of nutrients. He is recovering incredibly well, thank you!

  3. Jul's says:

    Love your post and thanks for sharing such a personal and helpful story. I have used Arnica Montana for years pre and post surgery and find it really aids in healing. What an amazing girlfriend/caregiver you are! The food you made your boyfriend sounds delicious and healthy…I’d eat it surgery or no!

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