4 Weeks to a Healthier Family – Cutting Out Refined Sugar

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Sugar is in just about all foods. A few are obvious like pop, jam and cookies. Other foods like cereal, salad dressing, soup, baking mixes, cured meat, canned food and on the outside of dried fruit may not be as obvious. The Globe and Mail reported that Statistics Canada found that Canadians eat, on average, 26 teaspoons (that’s eight and a half tablespoons or half a cup) of sugar each day.

Whether it’s white, brown, superfine or confectioners, it has the same effect once it’s consumed. A swift rise in blood sugar level triggers the pancreas to secrete insulin. Insulin removes the sugar from the blood stream and stores as fat for later – if there’s ever a need. The crash that usually follows alerts your stress hormone (adrenaline) to kick in and bring you back to balance. It’s a yo-yo of hormones that become depleted and tired over time.

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Herb Garden Series – Mint

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Some say that mint is a weed, and in my experience, it certainly grows like one! I wouldn’t be without it in my herb garden.

I have to tame my garden mint more than once a year, as it spreads across the flower bed that it grows next to. In the past, I’ve had mint planted in a pot and planted in the garden to keep it from taking over.

Mint has many medicinal offerings, with the most popular being a digestive aid. Drinking mint tea or eating a peppermint often settles an upset or bloated stomach and eases IBS symptoms and heartburn. It’s also a powerful antioxidant, inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, relieves congestion and headaches, cleanses your palate, relieves bad breath, and is calming. The essential oil from mint – menthol – is found in non-consumable products like chest rubs, lipstick, shampoo and body lotion.

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Upcoming Program: Pre- and Post-operative Nutrition

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We’re excited to announce an upcoming program by Lianne focused on pre- and post-operative nutrition to help you make a speedy recovery!

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Jerry Agar Show Q&A from March 24th Show

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Each week, I get questions from The Jerry Agar Show on NewsTalk1010. As we endeavour to get them all answered on the show, we often run out of time!

I’ll answer them here for everyone to benefit from the answers.

Question: If you are at a business function and you want to order an alcoholic drink, to not be rude, what can you order?

Answer: Stick to clear spirits like vodka are low carb. Mix vodka with soda or order a martini, with or without the vermouth. Red wine is another option – 5oz wine and 1.5oz pure spirit like vodka, gin, whisky and scotch are all about 100 cal.

Question: I love gravy but realize it’s not good for you. Is there anyway to have a healthy version? 

Answer: Have just a little and make sure it’s homemade.

Question: Hey Jerry, ask Lianne about this recipe. 4 small sweet potatoes, 4 tablespoons pure maple syrup, half a cup of cocoa powder and one cup of nut butter (peanut butter or almond or cashew). These are THE best brownies I’ve tried. No sugar and no flour… no gluten!

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