3 Tips to Get Your Nutrition Back On Track After “Enjoying” the Summer

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I’ve seen the odd golden leaf on the ground and in the trees in the park behind my backyard. That can only mean one thing: fall is on the way. Although it’s only the beginning of September, there’s a shift to feeling like fall as soon as Labour Day weekend is over.

Summertime is about socializing, being outside with friends, drinks on the back deck or patio, barbecuing and not having a particular schedule and enjoying the lack of routine.

September does have an air of New Year’s about it, so why not max out on setting some goals and figuring out how you’re going to follow through?

Here are three tips to get you going:

  • Decide what it is that you want to improve on or change and keep it simple. If you were having a glass of wine or beer every day, maybe cut that back to once a week and the weekends. If your after work or school snack was bread and cheese or anything that’s not nailed down, take a piece of fruit in the car with you to eat on the way home so you’re not starving as you walk in the door. If you got into the carbs and afternoon sweet snack, have more protein at breakfast. It doesn’t need to be big, but you need to plan it.
  • Drink more water. No one ever drinks enough. It just doesn’t happen. Yesterday, I filled a jug with water and added in limes and lemons and drank it while I was at my desk. Not only did I have more focus but my lips weren’t dry, today my skin feels better and every time I had to get up from my desk and go to the loo was a break from sitting. Win-win all around.

  • Commit to 10-a-day. Eat more fruits and vegetables, no matter what is going on for you. It is the easiest way to crowd out the crappy foods, the best way to help your digestive system work as it’s meant to, the fastest way to glowing skin and a nourished body and the simplest way to avoid feeling deprived as you shed some of those summer pounds. If you need help, check out my Amp Up Your Plants Program. In 21 days of daily emails, you’ll have it licked and you’ll be feeling better than you thought possible!

Any time is a good time to change things up. So you might as well start now!

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